Sagittarius New Moon: Personal Myth Making
Dec 21, 2017

Sagittarius New Moon: Personal Myth Making

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

The New Moon in Sagittarius is calling, with an opportunity to expand our understanding of what's possible by expanding our boundaries and exploring fresh terrains and landscapes.

Sagittarius governs the way we create mythologies of our own lives through the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences. Talking about Sagittarius immediately plants us in the realm of the mythic. The archetypal. The call to adventure. The seeker.

But there's another level here that has less to do with these collective archetypal myths, and more to do with the way we create mythologies of our own lives through the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences. One way to uncover some of the powerful myths operating behind the scenes in your life? Start by looking over the following sentences, and, without overthinking it, fill in the blanks with whatever comes first to your mind: I seem fated to __________________. I feel like a failure when I __________________. I have to be  ___________________________ in order to be deserving of love.

Our personal mythologies (whether or not we are conscious of them) determine how we measure, reflect on, and make sense of our lives. In Scorpio, we butt up against the limits of our inner mythic framework. We learn that the old myths have outgrown their use, and the pain we experience derives directly from the lack of a new mythology to take their place.

This New Moon is an opportunity to develop new mythologies that will guide our course through the next 12 months. What we have now, each of us, individually, to decide is: Where will we go from here? How will we constellate meaning from the real, rather than the wished-for?

With some major planetary heavy-hitters changing signs this week (we’re looking at you, Saturn in Capricorn!) this remains a potent time for setting intentions. For the cosmically-inclined in Grand Cayman this week, The Dark Night event this Friday in Anchor & Den at Marriott’s Beach House is a fantastic place for this kind of vision quest. With fresh open air, burning sage, the scene will be set for diving deep into your New Moon intentions.


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