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Anchor and Den

Authentic. Globally Inspired. Locally Sourced.

Anchor & Den

With its original design and ultimate comfort food menu, Anchor & Den is where we nurture the culture of inspiration, providing you with an innovative environment that is, above all, authentic. We use locally sourced products to create a memorable experience through fun food, eclectic cocktails and chic music.

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Veranda Restaurant
Anchor and den interior Restaurant
Veranda Restaurant


A gathering place to reunite, reconnect and relax – our aim with Anchor & Den was to create a beautiful yet versatile space where guests can grab a bite, cozy up to a book or spend quality time with family and friends. What makes it unique is the diversity of our Food & Beverage offering, which includes a fresh Juice Bar, Gelato Stand, Creperie Station, Raw and Sushi Bar as well as a globally-inspired menu available throughout the day.

Veranda Restaurant
Veranda Restaurant

Handcrafted. Infused. Colourful

Apothecary Happy Hour

At our Beach House, we were romanced by the concept of an Apothecary. Traditionally a place that sold elixirs and potions – we thought it would be the perfect inspiration for our Happy Hour programme. Born out of our love for herbs and spices, these magical ingredients are the foundation for all our handcrafted holistic cocktails and drinks. Our talented mixologists use homemade syrups, infused waters and dehydrated fruits to create their unique botanical blends.

On Friday nights we also have our resident DJ spinning the ultimate summer soundtrack for our guests. It is the perfect way to get into the groove for the weekend.

Veranda Restaurant

Fresh. Light. Tasty.

Raw Bar

We like to think of our feature bar in Anchor & Den as a focal point of our Great Room. A gathering place to reunite, reconnect and relax – it is versatile space where guests can grab a bite, cozy up to a book or catch up with family and friends over something to drink. Evenings are a time when our bar is in full swing. Buzzing with energy, it is hot spot for guests to indulge in our Raw Bar and try one (or many) of our handcrafted cocktails or tasty sodas. Enjoy classics from our popular Raw Bar such as Blue Point Oysters (shucked in front of you!), Tuna Tartar and Snow Crab Claws as well as ceviche, tiraditos, sushi and sashimi. They are as fresh as they get!

Veranda Restaurant

Divine. Delicious. Indulgent.

La Bomboneria

Our Bomboneria features exquisite chocolates and truffles made by our in-house Chocolatier, Denise. The branding of our Bomboneria salutes the first pioneers of chocolate – monkeys! These amazing creatures were the first to discover the cacao pod and therefore the cocoa beans inside. Monkeys would break open the cacao pods to get to the delicious pulp that surrounded the beans. Little did they know that when they would eat the pulp and spit out the beans they were also spreading the beans, which led to cacao trees growing all over South and Central America. Looking back, we have these monkeys to thank for all our favorite chocolate creations. Open from 3–10pm everyday.

Veranda Restaurant

Classic. Enticing. Passionate.

El Mercat – Nit de Tapes

Barcelona is stylish in many ways. But in a city where fashion and design trends come and go, there is one tradition that never changes – the ever-popular tapas. Every Thursday night at Anchor & Den we bring you a taste of the Catalonian style of life with our very own version of classic dishes along with live flamenco music.

Veranda Restaurant

Decadent. Sweet. Beautiful.

Mad Tea Party

We are celebrating art, literature, music and all things delicious at our signature Mad Tea Party, taking place every Saturday afternoon. Featuring creative blends designed by the experts of Tea Time in Cayman, ever-changing “Drink Me” potions as well as Afternoon Tea classics. Inspired by the Mad Hatter Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, it is not your average cup of tea! Reservations required.

Veranda Restaurant

Stylish. Gourmet. Homemade.

Boulangerie Brunch

The inspiration behind our signature brunch is derived from our love of charcuterie, regional cheeses and homemade baked breads. Our aim is to offer true deli specialties, perfectly paired with bottomless glasses of bubbles. It is a fun and relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy fabulous food and drinks while reconnecting with loved ones in a beautiful setting.

Veranda Restaurant

Communal. Vibrating. Holistic.

Dark Night

During the New Moon every month, we create a sacred space and dim the lights in Anchor & Den for an evening of candlelight, vibrating tunes and smoldering white sage to honour the celestial cycles of our planet.

A New Moon represents new beginnings and it is during this time that the moon is empty, receptive and full of potential. It is the optimum time to look deep within and discover your hopes and dreams. Setting intentions during a New Moon is a powerful and meaningful way to align with the world around us and provide guidance in our lives. We believe that sharing a sacred space helps magnify the power of our intentions.

We welcome you to join us for our signature Dark Night event and enjoy an evening of Apothecary elixirs, holistic bites, stargazing and intention setting. Taking place on the Friday closest to the New Moon every month.